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Crazy for Cocktail Shakers
I buy, sell and trade Vintage Cocktail Shakers and Barware! 

What do you have? Napier, Revere, Chase?

My name is Mark Bigler and I've been collecting bar paraphernalia 

for some time now in anticipation of my small basement bar that I was intent 

on having built a few years ago.   I was given a cocktail shaker quite a few 

years ago for Christmas and I loved it,  I saw an older glass shaker with a brass 

top in an antique store here in Ogden, Utah and bought it immediately.   Well 

now since I had two,  I guess that amounts to a collection and the search was on. 

I then ran across a magazine article by Stephen Visakay and I was hooked! 

Years ago my little bar was finally built and of course I had to have more.  

Only a few of my shakers fit on my bar and  I'm displaying them all over the house 

thanks to my patient and understanding wife.   I would love to hear how you 

display yours and any more fun things about your collection.  


If you have some duplicates that you would like to trade,  I do too!!! 

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