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Super Rare 1929 Lurelle Guild Laquered Skyscraper

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 This is one of the very most striking, tallest, heaviest and rarest shakers I've had the pleasure to own! This skyscraper cocktail shaker is a stunning 16" tall, silver plated and red lacquer (it is bright red, not the orange look in some of the pictures), designed by Lurelle Guild for the International Silver Co. ca 1929. The bottom of the shaker is stamped with the signature of Lurelle Guild, International giftware and "Lacquered" due to the red color. It is super rare, I've never seen another one of these with the red Lacquer!! there are no dents and it is in very nice condition except for some lacquer wear around the edges and the engraving "Stone Margulis Trophy, P.H.C. Derby, Spring Meet, -1936-", It also has a horses head attached to the lower portion under the engraving.  The very top ball has a little lacquer missing and appears to be a composite material or wood attached to the metal stopper. The inside is quite shiny and could actually be used if desired.